International Women’s Day Socialist Voice Special

Socialist Voice Salute to the women of the working class  

Socialist Voice March 2013

March 2013 issue of Socialist Voice

Civil war in Syria – Course of the Syrian revolution

For the past year and a half, the class struggle in Syria has been translated into the language of the gun, the roars of cannons, and fierce house by house combat in a… Continue reading

Crisis in the SWP – A problem of revolutionary morality in the struggle against women’s oppression

A serious crisis is shaking the English SWP, one of the largest parties of the Left in England, which claims to be Trotskyist. It is a moral crisis and the IWL cannot remain… Continue reading

Socialist Voice Interview with Daz Procter, Stand Up In Bootle and RMT

1) When was Stand up in Bootle formed and why? Stand up in Bootle was formed about four weeks ago, I have been campaigning in Southampton and Portsmouth and was aware of my… Continue reading

Stop the destruction of services and jobs – Axe the bedroom tax

Protests are beginning to increase as the government’s attacks deepen against the sick, the disabled, the unemployed and pensioners. Basic amenities are disappearing in the third year of cuts, and the NHS is… Continue reading

Socialist Voice August edition

The August edition of Socialist Voice is out now The Socialist Voice is available in News From Nowhere in Liverpool, Housmans and BookMarks in London Or send £9 for six issues.  ISL c/o News… Continue reading

Public meeting: Riots in the Financial Quarters and Uprisings on the Streets

International Socialist League 7.30pm Tuesday 23rd August Caledonia Pub Catherine Street Last weekend the streets of Britain erupted in anger and frustration across 15 cities and 41 places in London. The spark for… Continue reading

The Global Economy is Shaking:

Origins and Perspectives of the Current Economic Crisis Eduardo Almeida Neto Member of the National Leadership of the United Socialist Worker’s Party (Brazil) and editor of Opinião Socialista The international economic crisis has… Continue reading

ISL Public Meeting 7.30pm Tuesday 7th June

Struggle For Socialism Series The Fight Against Cut Backs and the Economic Offensive. 7.30pm Tuesday 7th June CALEDONIA PUB CATHARINE STREET   Since we met last we have seen the explosion of Spanish… Continue reading